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Welcome to Startup "Forex Market Maker Bank" (in Germany, or another country at the request of investors)

Note: Unfortunately, I don't speak English, so I use the Google Translator and the Yandex Translator, respectively, the quality of the translation may be not at a high level. My native language is Russian, I also speak German (simple conversational), but I think that over time I will be able to learn English as well. I hope for your understanding.


I do not have a higher education and "POUNDS" (kilograms) of special Financial Documents, Licenses1... but I have - BRITISH Pound, the Great British Pound Statement - 8-Months Detailed Statement (Trade Records) of the real time test Forex Market Maker Strategy in the Foreign Exchange Market (Currency Market) - Forex (Spot, not Futures):


The Great British Pound (GBP/USD), Closed PL (Profit Loss) = +$ 620 450,90, 26.03.2015 - 03.12.2015, 8 months (Lot = 100 000 GBP, 1 tick = $1)




1 About the License (Authorisation).

Here is my Letter from 31.12.2019 to the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA):


"Hello, Dear FCA Team,


May I ask you if my company (Forex Market Maker Ltd, Company number: 12375986) needs authorization? Do I need any license / Permission or something else...?


Nature of business (SIC): 64991 - Security dealing on own account


Speaking specifically about my type of activity, I plan to enter the over-the-counter Interbank Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) as an independent currency speculator (Forex Market Maker).


Vitaliy Shumeyko.".


The answer was received on 02.01.2020:

"Dear Vitaliy,
Thank you for your email received 31/12/19 querying if our firm needs authorisation for independent currency speculation. Just to clarify, I will be referring to “authorisation” and being “authorised” in this email, rather than being licensed as we don't provide licenses, so I hope this doesn’t cause any confusion. 


As you have referred to FOREX, this can often involve Contracts for differences (CFDs). If your business intends to undertake regulated activities within the UK with UK clients, then PERG 2.6 may be useful as it refers to specified investments, and Contracts for differences information is located from PERG 2.6.23 onwards.


Do you need to be authorised

A broad outline of the activities we regulate can be found in the Perimeter Guidance Manual (PERG) in our handbook online, under PERG 2.7, and you could consider:

PERG 2.7.7A Making arrangements with a view to transactions in investments
PERG 2.7.14C Advising on Investments
PERG 2.7.7 Arranging deals in Investments
PERG 2.7.5 Dealing in investments
PERG 2.7.8 Managing investments
PERG 2.7.9 Safeguarding and administering investments


Please also look at the specified investments in PERG 2.6. PERG 2.7 also contains exemptions, and PERG 2.8 covers exclusions. If you cannot rely on an exemption and/or an exclusion, you may need to consider becoming authorised.


Making a decision

Although we try to provide as much useful guidance as possible, we're restricted by the legislation that governs us (the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) from providing legal advice/opinion. 

As the decision to apply for authorisation is yours alone, if you'd like to seek independent advice from a third party to assist your understanding, you can contact the
Association of Professional Compliance Consultants (APPC), who can refer you to one of their members.


Applying to be authorised

All authorisation applications of this nature are submitted online via our Connect system. If you determine that you do require authorisation you should head to the authorisation pages of our website for further guidance. 

We're required to process complete applications within 6 months but aim to do this in less than 3. If for any reason your application is submitted as incomplete, it can take as long as 12 months for us to reach a decision. So please make every effort to submit a good quality, complete application. For more information about our application fee, please review the fees section of our website for details. I hope this helps. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries. 

Vitaliy, I hope you've found this useful and I'd welcome your feedback on my response, as well as your broader experiences of dealing with us, including our website and our systems. You'll receive a short survey via email later and I’d appreciate it if you could take a moment to complete this and let us know your thoughts.


Kind regards

Robin Maxwell
Supervisor / Supervision Hub
Supervision – Retail and Authorisations / Tel: 0300 500 0597

12 Endeavour Square
E20 1JN".



I read everything (even more), that Mr. Maxwell drew my attention to. The conclusion is as follows:

if you do not, for example, engage in financial futures, options, CFDs and so on... and only go along the Over the Counter (OTC) "Forex Fairway", that is, work only on the Forex Market (Spot), then the License is not needed. All of the above applies to work in the Great Britain. Well, what I need to work on the german Stock Exchange (Frankfurt am Main) I wrote below.



I showed my work not in words, but in deeds


I showed my work not in words, but in deeds - Great British Pound / United States Dollar (GBP/USD), 8 months of non-stop Speculations (Market Making) in the Forex Market (Leverage 1:1) =

+$ 620 450,90 (Lot = £100 000 Great British Pounds (GBP), 1 tick = $1 USD, 5 digits after comma).


If the traded Lot would not be 100 000 GBP, but 1 000 000, then the profit would be 10 times greater, that is =

+$6 204 509.


If the Lot was 10 000 000 GBP, then the profit would be 100 times greater, that is = 

+$62 045 090.


You can Download the Great British Pound Detailed Statement

"Great British Pound (GBPUSD), Detailed Statement 26.03.2015 - 03.12.2015, 8 months, = +$620.450.90" (Lot = 100 000 GBP, 1 tick = $1)

or push >> Download


See please additional Detailed Statements (Trade Records)

Two "Gold" (CFD) Statements need to be considered as one Statement. The same is true for "Lufthansa" (CFD) - Two Statements on "Lufthansa", should be considered as one Statement.

Additional Note for "Lufthansa" (CFD):
in the Statements, the Working Lot is 10K (10 000 shares). It is possible, that this is too much. I had no information about the volume. Therefore, you can reduce the profit, for example, tenfold (total profit on two Statements).


Gold (XAUUSD, Gold spot Forex), Detailed Statement-1, 24.05.2016 - 20.06.2016, ~1 Month, = +$ 86 661,04

Gold (XAUUSD, Gold spot Forex), Detailed Statement-2, 09.06.2016 - 12.07.2016, ~1 Month, = +$ 340 649,30

Lufthansa (CFD), Detailed Statement-1, 21.08.2015 - 04.09.2015, 14 Days, = +EUR 96 241,95

Lufthansa (CFD), Detailed Statement-2, 28.08.2015 - 09.03.2016, 6 months, = +EUR 1 157 372,91

Oil (CFD on Crude Oil Futures (CL, NYMEX)), 16.09.2015 - 09.03.2016, ~6 months, = +$ 111 373,39

Great British Pound (GBPUSD), Detailed Statement 29.11.2017 - 14.12.2017, 0.5 month, = +$ 70,22 (1 tick = 1 Cent)
If it was a Standard Lot, then = +$ 70 220



100% financing is required to establish a Securities Trading Bank - Forex Market Maker Bank


100% financing is required - 1 000 000 Euro (Initial Capital) to establish a Securities Trading Bank1 - "Forex Market Maker Bank" in Frankfurt am Main (Germany, or another City / Country at the request of Investors), with the subsequent aim of obtaining from some Central Banks2 of the World almost unlimited Lines of Credit for speculations (Forex Market Making) a Currencies Pairs at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (or on another Trading Floors).


For getting Direct Access (not through a broker) to trading as an Independent Forex FLOOR Market Maker, I will need to take a week3 course of study and pass an Exam to obtain a Certificate: "Certified Stock Exchange Trader of the Spot Market" ("Zertifizierter Börsenhändler Kassamarkt", I speak a little German, simple conversational):


1 Below is information from the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin) regarding the authorizations of Banks, Financial Service Providers, Payment and Electronic Institutions.

Authorisation of banks, financial services providers, and payment and e-money institutions:
Anyone wishing to conduct banking business or to provide financial services in Germany requires written authorisation. Authorisation to operate a deposit-taking credit institution is granted by the European Central Bank (ECB) in consultation with BaFin, the national supervisory authority, pursuant to sections 32 and 33 of the German Banking Act (Kreditwesengesetz – KWG) in conjunction with Article 4(1) of the SSM Regulation. Authorisation to conduct other banking business or to provide financial services is granted by BaFin (sections 32 and 33 of the KWG).

However, BaFin may only grant authorisation if the following requirements, among others, are met:

When an institution is established, it must demonstrate that it is endowed with a minimum or initial capital, which will depend on the nature of its intended business. For securities trading banks, for example, the initial capital required is at least EUR 730,000, while for deposit-taking credit institutions it is at least EUR 5m. Investment advisers, investment brokers, contract brokers and portfolio managers, as well as operators of multilateral trading facilities or companies carrying out security placement business which are not authorised to obtain ownership or possession of funds or securities of customers and which do not trade in financial instruments for their own account must prove that they have a minimum capital of at least EUR 50,000.

Full Info:

or in PDF: "BaFin - Authorisation of Banks..."


2 Or from others: Commercial Banks, Corporations and so on...


3 In fact, I will need more than one week, but several months, to prepare for the exam. I will need to improve my German language, as I will encounter a lot of specialized words - financial, organizational and managerial and so on.



It is possible that you ask, speculation in the Forex Market, this is all clear, but why create a separate Bank for this?


To clarify this point, I ask you to read the next section (below) - "The Backstory".



The Backstory


Over the course of several years, I have approached (as a private individual, later as an UK Private Limited Company "Devisenhaendler Ltd", but not as a Bank) to many Central Banks of the World to get a Lines of Credit with the necessary Limits of Money for me for trading some Currency Pairs in the Forex Market (Foreign Exchange Market). But as it turned out, to be a legal entity, for example, as an UK Ltd Company - IT IS NOT ENOUGH!


In order to cooperate with Central Banks - I need to become a Bank (Securities Trading Bank).


Here is the answer, for example, from the Swiss National Bank (Central Bank of Switzerland) - this is the only Bank from all, who answered me simply and clearly (without tricks) about what is needed for cooperation:


"Dear Mr. Shumeyko,


We refer to your e-mail dated 27 August 2018 and like to inform you as follows:


...As the "Bank of the Swiss Confederation" and the "bank of banks"the SNB has no direct customer relationships with private individuals or with companies that are not banks.


We are therefore not able to assist you in this matter.


Yours sincerely,
Swiss National Bank".


And this is one of the answers of the Federal Reserve System (the Central Bank of the United States):


"On 07.09.2018 15:17, Board of Governors of Federal Reserve System - Public Affairs wrote:


Dear Mr. Shumeyko:


Thank you for your recent correspondence in which you requested a line of credit from the Federal Reserve.


While we appreciate receiving your email, I regret that we are not in a position to assist you. The Federal Reserve conducts the nation's monetary policy; supervises and regulates financial institutions and activities; promotes consumer protection and community development; promotes financial system stability; / Wait a minute! What I have proposed (and still offer), in my opinion - is 100% "promotes financial system stability". Isn't that right? / and fosters payment and settlement system safety and efficiency.


The Federal Reserve by law cannot give or lend money to individuals / To be honest, I still believe that the status of "Ltd (especially in Britain) means the status of a - LEGAL entity, not an Individual. / and we have no financial programs of the kind you seek. / Let's be honest, you have no DESIRE - everything else is not a problem! /


Again, I regret that we cannot be of help. I hope that you will be able to secure some other means of financing. / Sorry, but this answer is even worse than the penultimate one. Where do you think, I should look for HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS of Working Capital to Start my Business??? In fact, for my Style of the Forex Market Making (currency speculations), I need an almost UNLIMITED amount of money! Therefore, I turned to THAT Organization, in the management (so far) of which is the Money Printing Press. A Money Printing Press should help people, develop their Businesses, promote International Cooperation, and by itself - popularize its National Currency! And what is the Federal Reserve System (represented by the Board of Directors) doing instead of all of the above? Promotes? Helps? Or writes nonsense in response?! / Please note that this email account is not monitored. If you have additional questions, use the "Contact Us" form:



Board Staff".


UPDATE FROM 22.02.2021

I can see it from their Completely Incompetent answers. All these Central Banks, like parrots, write me the same nonsense in response, saying, that we are engaged in supporting Financial Stability. Wonderful! Great!

What do you think I'm offering? Do you even understand, what multi-line Market Making is? For such work in the Forex Market, I need almost Unlimited Lines of Credit (this is ideal). Some specialists understand this, but nevertheless, they refuse me.

on what grounds am I constantly denied? Why, for example, did the
Bank of England, with its
STUPID, ABSOLUTELY shameful response (from 17.02.2021), insult me / my Forex Company "Forex Market Maker Ltd"?

Have I done something illegal, tarnished my Business and, above all, my Human Reputation?

I have never considered and do not consider Forex as something bad, I love Forex - Currency Speculations! My favorite Currency Pair is the British Pound / US Dollar (GBP / USD).


I know the answers to all of the above questions, with the help of
God's Support, Thank you God!


AND NOW, Ladies and Gentlemen, the most important thing, for those people who have not yet understood, what I mean: ENVY! That's the whole explanation for all the rejections I've received over the past five years from various Central (and commercial) Banks, under one pretext or another!


If not, then I'll explain it to you now. Bank officials work for a fixed salary, there is nothing wrong with this. Have you read my Resume? I had to work much harder, for example, on construction sites, and work for a penny, compared to the salaries of the above mentioned bank employees (first of all, all those who refused me).

BUT! I, Thank God, never envied anyone, I just, all these many years, independently (self-taught) studied Technical Analysis. And most of all, Forex helped me in this, because it is the most affordable, especially with its Trading Platform Metatrader 4 (MT4).

when I stand on the threshold of big earnings (prospects), some officials can not cope with their own, HUGE ENVY!

that these bank employees, with their own hands, will provide me with what I need for work (Lines of Credit), something, that will allow me to earn much more, than they do?

Normal People will answer, of course not, this can not be. That's the whole answer!


I propose to admire another, sezhey nonsense (this is the same insult that I wrote about above), which I received in response, this time from the Bank of England (this is the Central Bank of Great Britain): 


RE: Lines of Credit
From Enquiries <>
To Forex Market Maker Ltd (Great Britain) <>
Date Wed 15:06 / 17.02.2021

Dear Vitaliy


Thank you for your email.


I am afraid we do not provide lines of credit. Our role as a central bank is provide financial stability. As such, we provide banking services to firms that fall within this remit. It would not include forex firms I am afraid.


Kind regards



Engagement and Enquiries | Communications

Bank of England|Threadneedle St|London EC2R 8AH|+44 (0)20 3461 4878



From: Forex Market Maker Ltd (Great Britain) <>
Sent: Wednesday, February 17, 2021 10:39 AM
To: Enquiries <>
Subject: Lines of Credit


Dear Sir or Madam,

to start my activity in the OTC (Over-The-Counter) Interbank Foreign Exchange Market (Forex) as an Independent Forex Market Maker (Currency Speculator), I need two Lines of Credit (it is for Making the currency pair "Great British Pound / United States Dollar", GBP/USD, Lot = 100 000 GBP):

First Line, in British Pounds:
201 000 000 000 GBP

Second Line, in US Dollars:
270 000 000 000 USD.

All additional information, about me and about my type of activity (Market Making), in the form of the Detailed Statements (Trade Records), you can find on my website:

I ask you to tell me, what else you need from me (information, documents...)?

Vitaliy Shumeyko (First Name / Last Name)
Founder / Director / Forex Market Maker of the "Forex Market Maker Ltd"

The Company "Forex Market Maker Ltd" is registered in England and Wales under the Number "12375986".

Nature of Business (SIC):
64991 - Security Dealing on own account

This subclass includes:
– Dealing for own account by Securities Dealers
– Activities of Stock Exchange Money Brokers
– Activities of Inter-Dealer Brokers
– Dealing in Financial Futures, Options and other Derivatives for own account
– Dealing in Commodities for investment purposes

UK Companies House about the Forex Market Maker Ltd:



Additional Information about the required Money Limit (Line of Credit), for the future Forex Market Making (Currencies Speculations)


From my old correspondence (2017 summer) with one Person from the Financial World, you will be able to understand something about the minimum amount of money (currently not relevant) we are talking about:


My text:

"To cover all possible opposing (against my positions) options (calculated for a contract of 100.000 GBP, for a GBP / USD exchange rate from 0.00000 to 2.00000 and from 2.00000 again to 0.00000), two credit lines / limits are required:


1. USD (US Dollar)

2. 100.500.000.000 GBP (British Pound)."



Man from the Financial World:

"In your Cover-Letter you stated that you are seeking US$266,000,000,000 in Funding. Do you realize that this sum equals Two-Hundred and Sixty-Six BILLION US Dollars? Is this the sum you are seeking? If so then please also understand that it is extremely expensive to borrow such a large amount of money..."



My answer:

"I hasten to reassure You: 266,000,000,000 and 100,500,000,000 - this amount of money is not needed immediately - it's just a MAXIMUM amount, counted from zero (0.00000) and up to the rate of Pound / Dollar = 2.00000 (contract = 100000 British Pounds). These are all possible options for transactions (and buying and selling with a double hedge), according to my trading strategy / system.


In fact, the amount is much smaller, it is always different, but no more than the above.


Case, or problem in the following: I never know what amount of money will be needed and for how long.


The business that I'm doing requires a different approach to financing. It's not about one sum and time - no one knows - Even God! :-)"



Man from the Financial World:

"Insofar as arranging for the almost unlimited amount of money you require, it is possible for me to set you up with a Line of Credit at whatever amount you want wherein you would only pay for the amount you used and even then for only the amount of time you used the money. The Annual Rate(s) of Interest that we would probably charge you would vary anywhere from 1.5% to 2.5% over the current London Inter Bank Offering Rate, ("LIBOR"), of the Funding we could arrange in any of the following currencies: US Dollar, EURO, British Pound Sterling, Swiss Franc, Japanese Yen or Chinese Yuan. You would be required to repay the amount(s) you borrowed in the same currency you borrowed it in. Based upon the "average" LIBOR of the US Dollar over the past week to 10 days which is 0.93 I could currently offer you an almost unlimited Line of Credit in US Dollars at an Annual Rate of Interest from 2.5%, (1.5% over current LIBOR), to no more than 3.5% which equals 2.5% over the current LIBOR."


I refused this Offer. Why? Because:


Man from the Financial World:

"In order for us to actually "Place" this Line of Credit with your Bank you would first of all need to Retain our Professional Services whichfor the almost unlimited amount you are seeking would cost you at least the equivalent of US$250,000.00 or Two-Hundred-Fifty Thousand USDollars. (If you sought a smaller sum of money then our Retainer Fee would also be smaller but our minimum is US$25,000.00.)


I cannot do anything further for you until you first of all answer the following question: Do you presently have at least the equivalent of US$250,000.00 in cash that you are also immediately prepared to SWIFT to our bank?"



My answer:

"I, in fact, already have no money even for food:

Cash = 42,63 UAH. For example, Bread (600 grams) = 8,02 UAH + 20% tax.

And my personal money in the bank "PrivatBank" = 90,99 UAH (90,99 ГРН)."



Man from the Financial World:

"Dear Vitaliy,


While I appreciate your last email and your honesty, I hope you understand that it is virtually impossible for us to help anyone who doesn't have even enough money for food.


Should your financial situation turn around to the point where you have at least the equivalent of US$250,000.00 in cash that you are immediately prepared to SWIFT directly to us then please feel free to get in contact with me again."


Well, what can I say, Ladies and Gentlemen, about:
"...I hope you understand that it is virtually impossible for us to help anyone who doesn't have even enough money for food."?!


I did not ask for money for food, I showed a specific, eight-month profitable result of my work in the Forex Market. Will you find a lot of traders, especially among Hedge Funds, so that they show you their Detailed Statements / Trade Records (profitable Statements)?

I suggested (and still offer) a specific action plan for making money - Business.



Required Money Limit (Line of Credit)


For Forex Market Making (Currencies Speculations), in manual mode - Handwork, for example, the British Pound (GBP/USD, Lot = 100 000 GBP, 1 tick = 1 USD, 5 digits after comma) I need a Line of Credit in USD with the necessary Limit (this is a new Limit, a simplified version, without selling GBP – only BUYING):


$ 133 700 000 000


Note about the Limit:
In fact, for the payment of salaries of bank employees, office rent and other expenses - the Limit (Line of Credit) is required several times more, than indicated above.

Why "several times more"?
This is in order to increase Profits. To do this, I need to increase the traded Lot by the same number of times. In other words:

If the traded Lot would not be 100 000 GBP, but 1 000 000, then the profit would be 10 times greater, that is =

+$6 204 509.

If the Lot was 10 000 000 GBP, then the profit would be 100 times greater, that is = 

+$62 045 090.


Why is the Limit so Big?

Understand me correctly, it's not about greed, it's about SECURITY, Security of Capital, Business as such. In the Limit calculated ALL POSSIBLE variants to open Buy Positions (according to my Plan) - It's MAXIMUM Limit (for GBP/USD, Lot = 100 000 GBP, 1 tick = 1 USD, 5 digits after comma). My style of Market Making does not have Stop Losses, that is, the British Pound speculation was conducted without Stop Losses.

Stop Loss for each trade (Buy or Sell) is - Zero (0).


When the Price, for example GBP/USD will fall - I will buy, lower and lower, until the Price stops. And again, I want to ASK all the "Super Literate" Central Banks, what is the name of what I just said?


Right! THIS IS THE REAL SUPPORT OF THE FINANCIAL SYSTEM in the truest sense, if you did not learn this in your "SUPER" Universities, now you know it from me, from a person without a "SUPER" higher education!


Further, If I can find a Line of Credit in British Pounds, then I can sell Pounds on the growth of the Price, but since when the Price moves up, the Risk is unlimited (with the fall, the risk for Buying the Pound is Limited to Zero), so I insure every sale (Sell) of Pound with two purchases (2 Buys) of Pound, for the same Price. Thus, one purchase (Buy) of 100 000 Pounds will 100% cover the Risk of one Sell of Pound (100 000 GBP). The first purchase (Buy) of a Pound (100 000 GBP) is a Hedge Buy, but the second Buy of a Pound (100 000 GBP) is a Speculative Buy. With a Speculative Buy, money is earned not only when the Price goes up, but also when the Price is in the "Trading Range".

All the technology of my Market Making is based on Technical Analysis, I have been studying it for almost 20 years. In my modest opinion, this is the only really working scheme for making money on such Market as the Forex (as well as on the Stock Markets, Oil, Gas, Metals...).

THE MAIN CONDITION for this Market Making Style is that the Financial Instrument must be ETERNAL!

The British Pound is more than a Thousand years old! And I hope, that the US Dollar will live no less and never, as well as the Pound will not die! Look, what the deceitful, cunning group of scoundrels did to the National Currencies of Old Europe? Deutsche Mark, Italian Lira, Dutch Guilder, Austrian Mark and others... where are all these Currencies? You are 100% right - on the CURRENCY CEMETERY!


The Great Britain did the right thing to leave the European Union, otherwise the Pound would also have gone to the Currency Cemetery, and this is not permissible, because every self-respecting State should have its own National Currency. National Currency is not only National Pride, but it is also related to National Security!

One of the Rules of Eternal Life says: there are no accidents, everything was planned by someone in advance. Therefore, I ask you to turn again to the name of my type of activity (Nature of business, SIC), there is the word "Security" there. Interestingly everything coincides.


The introduction of the Euro was explained by the fact, that it is beneficial for international trade and so on and so forth... Anything was said, but just not the TRUTH! In fact, the aforementioned pack of deceitful, cunning, selfish savages wanted their own MONEY PRINTING PRESS, and they got it.

ATTENTION! Getting your own money printing press isn't the whole "SUPER PLAN". They also, by entering the Euro, simply robbed all people. For example, in Germany, if a Person had, for example, 1000 Deutsche Marks (DM), then after the exchange He/She received approximately 500 Euros. Prices, all over Germany, have also been reduced by about half. It would seem, what's wrong with that?!

Here, too, deception was provided. It's all about Human Psychology! People have long been accustomed to Old Prices, these prices are in their heads, they have NO Resistance to these prices, they say, it is too expensive and so on (I do not mean the prices for expensive villas, cars...).

The whole trick lies in the fact, that over the years, after the introduction of the Euro, the prices are slowly returning to the same, or almost to the same Level, where they were before the introduction of the Euro. But the fact is that: none of the liars intends to return 500 DM out of the aforementioned thousand. In other words, a German Person was robbed of about 500 Marks!

This is one of the types of thieves' business, yes, that's right, but I think that everything is much worse: this is not a business, there is an opinion that this is a war (one of the forms of war). War, it is not necessary to hold a machine gun in your hands, or to fire with cannons... All of us were deftly deceived, but now REAL HELL is waiting for all these scum, and this is not necessary on this Planet, life is in fact in the entire Cosmos.

If 500 Marks were stolen from each German person, then ~80 000 000 Germans multiply (x) 500 Marks = theft amount of money ~40 000 000 000 Marks divide (:) ~2 = theft amount of money ~20 000 000 000 in Euros.

I think, that the amount stolen is much larger, and it's not just about the money itself. The matter is also in German History. On German banknotes (on Stamps) People were depicted (on "Euro", there are no people). Good people or bad, this will tell us the Truth. Now we are not talking about this, but about the fact, that not only Money is being stolen, they are also Destroying History, no matter what it is, good or bad! As soon as you forget the last war, will start a new one, someone once said, right?




I would be very glad to our possible cooperation.


Sincerely, Vitaliy Shumeyko (First Name / Last Name),
100% Owner, Director and Forex Market Maker (Currency Speculator) of the:
Forex Market Maker Ltd (UK Company Number: 12375986)

Nature of business (SIC):
64991 - Security Dealing on own account

This subclass includes:
  – Dealing for own account by Securities Dealers
  – Activities of Stock Exchange Money Brokers
  – Activities of Inter-Dealer Brokers
  – Dealing in Financial Futures, Options and other Derivatives for own account
  – Dealing in Commodities for investment purposes

This subclass excludes:
  – Security and other Dealing on behalf of others

UK Companies House about the Forex Market Maker Ltd:

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